PHYTOSOIN Insect repellent dog shampoo

PHYTOSOIN Insect repellent dog shampoo


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Pests and other dog parasites are very sensitive to certain odors that repel them. The Phytosoin insect repellent dog shampoo has been specially designed for preventive use . The combination of Margosa and Lavandin essential oil , both recognized for their repellent effect, will protect your companion from the inconvenience associated with these pests. Formulated without coloring, silicone or parabens and with a hypoallergenic scent , it is naturally gentle on your pet's skin . We manufacture this shampoo in our factory in the North of France where, for 60 years, our know-how and our love of animals have pushed us to findthe best of plants to preventively treat your animals against ectoparasites . Use biocides carefully.

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