Pavo Condition, 20kg

Pavo Condition, 20kg


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Pavo Condition is the most widely used product in our concentrate range. If you have a new horse and are uncertain of its nutritional needs, or you are starting to train a young horse, Pavo Condition is a good choice. It is free from oats and lower in energy than our sports range thus ideal for leisure horses and ponies, and those in moderate work. It contains soya oil and micronized cereals delivering slow-release energy without making your horse over excitable. The high digestibility helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Pavo Condition is fully balanced with vitamins, minerals and low in protein. The extra biotin helps ensure healthy hooves and a shiny coat.

  • Brand : Pavo
  • Size : 20Kg
  • Quality protein
  • Oat free formula
  • Highly digestible source of slow release energy
  • Soya oil for an additional source of energy
  • Low in protein
  • Fully balanced vitamins and mineral content
  • Extra biotin for strong hooves and a healthy coat
Ingredients :
        Wheat feed,Barley,Soya hulls,Wheat,Lucerne (alfalfa),Cane Molasses,Soybean oil,Vitamin - minerals

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