Pavo Cereals - Peeled Black Oats

Pavo Cereals - Peeled Black Oats


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Oats has been used for 2,000 years as raw material in horse feed. The Romans carried oats to their war horses for extra energy during heavy campaigns. The beauty of oats is that it is well digestible starch present for horses, in contrast to the other starches in cereal grains such as wheat, barley and maize. Oats can be 'untreated' fed directly from the land.

Pavo uses two different types of oats in her feeds: white oats and black oats. Oats that only is 'purified' has a volumetric weight of 50 kilos per 100 liters. It is known that oat hulls can be irritating to the intestinal wall of the horse. Therefore, the oats Pavo uses in the products are only purified but also stripped of the shroud. What remains is clipped oatsAn additional advantage of clipped oats is that the weight per unit volume increases to about 55-57 pounds per 100 liters. In addition, it is easier to digest.

Pavo oats comes from Belgium and northern France. Pavo sells white and black clipped oats in the 'Cereals series. White oats is also available as a crushed oats.

Oats give horses extra quick energy. We recommend maximum 1 kg of oats per meal and no more than 1-2 kg per day.

Be aware that oats have an unfavorable calcium-phosphorus ratio for horses. When the ration of a horse contains more than 1 kg of oats per day it is advisable to balance the calcium-phosphorus ratio by using a balancer like Pavo Vital.

The Cereals of Pavo consists of four different products, all top quality cereals with a high energy value.

Pavo single Cereals contain no molasses. Besides Peeled white oats there are also the following products available in the Cereal series of Pavo ( See the base of the bag or the attached label to see which product this bag contains.):

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