Multiplex Powder

Multiplex Powder


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Multiplex Powder

Vitamins & Minerals for Health and Vitality.


Multiplex Powder is a complementary feedingstuff to support maximum health and vitality.


MULTIPLEX POWDER is a complementary Vitamin and Mineral feed supplement for dogs and cats. Particularly suitable for dogs which are involved in intensive exercise, working dogs, lactating bitches, dogs and cats in rehabilitation, or not being fed a complete diet.

Instructions For Proper Use:

Mix MULTIPLEX POWDER well into your dogs daily feed. Feed Each animal individually.

Cats & Small dogs (up to 5kg): 1g per day.

Medium dogs (5 to 15kg): 2g per day.

Large Dogs (15 to 30kg): 3g per day.

Very Large Dogs (over 30kg): 4g per day.


مسحوق MULTIPLEX هو مكمل غذائي من الفيتامينات والمعادن للكلاب والقطط. مناسبة بشكل خاص للكلاب التي تشارك في التمارين المكثفة ، وكلاب العمل ، والكلاب المرضعات ، والكلاب والقطط في إعادة التأهيل ، أو لا يتم إطعامهم نظامًا غذائيًا كاملاً.

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