Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Treats - Oceanic Farm 100g

Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Treats - Oceanic Farm 100g


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Absolute Holistic Air Dried dog food is Paleo-inspired, grain-free, high protein diet using only 100% super premium natural ingredients. This meat-based recipe is designed to mirror the whole prey formula which mimics your dog's ancestral carnivorous diet.Our Air-Dried recipes are 100% sourced from free-range farms and the blue oceans of New Zealand. These holistic formulations are created with the highest quality ingredients, then air-dried gently to maximise nutrition and retain high levels of natural enzymes, creating a nutrient rich diet in an amazing jerky texture. This formula is ideal for finicky dogs of all life stages.Enjoy every unique way of feeding - including everyday meals, high value training treats or a powerful protein boost to your dog's regular food. We know for sure your dog will love this bag of superfood!Pasley Powder - Antimicrobial, carminative and anti-inflammatoryFor Fresh Breath93% High protein diet - Contains protein only sourced from New ZealandInulin - A prebiotic to aid digestionEasily DigestibleKelp Powder - Promote and regulate thyroidHealth and Longevity0% Grain Free - No artificial preservatives, no sweeteners, no wheatFlaxseed Powder - Shinier coat and healthy skinFor Skin and CoatGreen Lipped Mussels - A great natural source of glucosamine and chondroitinFor Hip and Joint4 ways to feed - 1) Feed it as a full meal 2) Feed it as a treat 3) Food Toppers 4) Add it to canned foodRemember to provide fresh water for your dog at all time.Made in New Zealand under the strictest quality control of Absolute Holistic Pet

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